Custom Woven Patches

Woven patches are made completely differently than embroidered patches. As the name implies, they are woven entirely from individual threads instead of having a base canvas which is embroidered on top of. They are like the woven tags that can be found on many types of clothing. Woven patches allow us to make very small and very detailed patches, which cannot be made as embroidered patches. These patches are also much thinner and more flexible than embroidered patches, which makes them ideal for sewing onto thinner garments.

Get a Free Quote for Custom Woven Patches

Fill out the form below to get a free quote for woven patches. We do have a 50 piece minimum for this type of patch, so if you want less than 50, you might want to check out our standard embroidered patches. After you submit the quote request, one of our skilled representatives will respond within one or two business days with pricing. Whether you have a complete design or just a rough idea, our artists will help you design and finalize your woven patches so that they look exactly the way you want them to. We think you'll be surprised by how low our prices are and how great our service is.

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